Overspray Removal
Overspray is a coating of paint, cement or tar that ends up on your vehicle via the air. This mostly occurs when someone is working with one of these elements around your car on a windy day. I can remove most types of overspray with a process that I developed after spending many years working on this problem. Keep in mind, time is a factor with overspray. The longer the overspray is on your vehicle, the more difficult and time-consuming the process will be to remove it. Once the overspray has been removed, the vehicles' paint should be polished and re-sealed.

Types of Overspray


The party that caused the overspray on your vehicle is ultimately responsible for paying for its removal. You have the right to choose whomever you wish for this process. Remember, this matter should be taken care of by a professional who has experience with overspray removal. I have dealt with most insurance companies and will be happy to provide your insurance company, or the liable parties insurance company with a free estimate as well as digital photos.

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